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A summary of the types of services provided to both current and former clients is summarised below.


Services to Consultancy clients


Examples of consultancy assignments, around Australia and in the United States of America, include:



  • Advice in relation to establishing effective governance practices in a range of organisations
  • Advice on the rights, duties and responsibilities of officers
  • Advice on the rights of shareholders

Risk Management

  • Advice and assistance in developing a risk management strategy and plan
  • Review of risk management plans
  • Monitoring risk management plans
  • Guidance and advice on business strategies to expand a business


  • Advice on compliance with the corporate Constitution, the Corporations Law, ASX Listing Rules
  • Advice to directors and officers on compliance with legislation
  • Advice to shareholders on compliance with legislation
  • Advice and options to resolve disputes between directors
  • Advice and options to resolve disputes between directors and management
  • Advice and options to resolve disputes between directors and shareholders
  • Preparation and presentation of complaints to regulators on behalf of clients


  • Acting as an independent director of various large private companies including unlisted disclosing entities

Services to Coopers & Lybrand clients


Audit and Assurance


Clients included listed companies, Australian subsidiaries of overseas entities, local authorities, large proprietary companies, associations, joint ventures, cooperatives and other entities.




Clients included listed companies, Australian subsidiaries of overseas entities, large proprietary companies, trusts other entities, sole traders, partnerships and individuals.


Business valuations


In relation to a number and variety of businesses.


Business planning, budgeting and management accounting


Involved a variety of businesses in relation to start-up operations and ongoing operations.


Industry specialisation


Tourism, Hospitality and Mining.


Services to Queensland Government departments


Business plans


For international operations.


Internal audit and compliance proceedures


Prepared internal audit procedures manuals.




Developed and implemented corporate communications policy
Provided communications advice regarding corporate image and promotional projects


Services provided to ASIC clients




To accountants, lawyers and corporations on a range of issues including, but not limited to, interpreting the Corporations Act, ASIC Regulatory Guides, Information Releases and Class Orders.


Various responsibilities included providing advice in relation to:

  • disciplinary action to auditors and liquidators including the preparation of expert reports and giving evidence in relation thereto
  • financial analysis of data
  • preparation of statements, affidavits and expert reports
  • continuous disclosure and corporate governance
  • compliance with ASX Listing Rules and Guidance Notes
  • compliance with Auditing Standards
  • education and training
  • establishing and monitoring key performance indicators
  • developing and managing various projects including high yield bond schemes and financial reporting surveillances
  • liaising with external parties

Services to Communications and media clients


Corporate image and communications


Create process and procedures for communications projects to enhance corporate image


Integrated corporate communication


Planning and analysis for integrated marketing activities


Quality control


Develop and implement corporate standards manual for all promotional and advertising materials


Marketing strategies


Ensure cost effective marketing tactics are incorporated into communications strategies


Advertising plans


Prepare advertising briefs to implement marketing goals and objectives

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